5 Myths About Online Translation Services That Restricts Your Growth


We live in a digitally advanced world. The introduction of new technology may result in less human capital requirement in some industries. However, the translation industry always requires human capital for accurate translation. Translation bots are never considered to be accurate. Comparing machine and human translators, human translators are preferred by businesses, hence, there is a lot of demand for human translators.

Machine translations like google translate are available for free but when it comes to the accuracy they do not match up with humans. A human translator will always be able to choose the appropriate word required while machine translation will not be able to do that. There are few myths about online translation services. Let’s have a look at them.

#1 Online translation services don’t have a big market

Our world has become digital. Many say that the online translation service has a small market but that’s not true. Online translation service can be used by all businesses from anywhere. The need for online translation services is increasing day by day. Companies are taking their brands abroad and this is possible only because of online translation services. As we know customers prefer to buy the products only if it is in their native language. That means all the product labels, brochures, documents, etc. have to be translated into the target language. With the help of online translation services, businesses reach the target customers without any hassle. 

#2 Anyone can become a translator

A person who knows two languages can be a translator -this is one of the biggest myths. Just knowing two languages will not make them a translator. Becoming a good translator is not an easy task. They should have the required qualification/degree to become one. Translators have to practice, read a lot and spend time talking to the target language speakers so that they will be able to understand the slang they use. The person has to be strong in two languages including spelling, grammar, punctuation, etc. When translating in the target language they should be able to choose the correct word for the context. 

#3 Translators can translate anything

People think that a translator will be able to translate all types of documents. It is not true. Language translation is different compared to business translation. Similarly, only a person who is strong in a particular field/industry will be able to translate appropriately in that field/industry. For example, only a person who holds a degree related to medicine will be able to translate medical documents and you cannot expect a person from the legal industry to translate the medical document.

#4 Online translation is easy and is done by machines

When it comes to online translation people think it is an easy job and done by machines that can be completed quickly. This in not true either. Online translations are done by humans only. Online translation cannot be done quickly, just like other translations this takes time as well. The advantage of online translation is that you just have to submit the documents from anywhere in the world. For example, you may need translation for the movie and all you have to do is submit all your files online to the translation service provider. A movie may have a run time of an hour but translating it will take more than an hour. Remember, a translator has to hear the audio and translate it word by word and must convey the same meaning as in the film.

#5 No need for translators

People may think that there is no need for translators anymore because almost everyone speaks English these days. It is true that English is the universally accepted mode of communication and most of the world population can understand the language. But, out of 195 countries in the world, only 67 nations have English as their official language. The remaining still accept official documents in their respective native languages only. Hence, translation services are inevitable. 

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