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Medical Translation Services

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Certified Medical Translation Services That You Can Rely On

Language forms an essential factor in any healthcare setting as it decides the life and death of an individual. Besides, it can also be a major hindrance to positive healthcare outcomes. The clarity of communication between patients and healthcare providers is crucial in order to ensure that people’s lives are not put at risk. This can explain why healthcare translation services have become one of the most demanding translation domains ever. If the translation is all about accuracy, then medical translation should meet the highest level of quality and accuracy. At Vanan Translation, we follow multiple levels of quality control. Our in-house team of translators can deal with even the complex medical translations, as they are not mere linguists but subject-matter experts with an apt medical background.

Your medical documents are highly sensitive and hence we value the confidentiality it needs. At Vanan Translation, we follow certain security measures that are committed to safeguarding your medical data. We also certify that our medical document translation services are fully compliant to the relevant regulatory standards. The final translated version comes with a signed statement of accuracy. It adds to the value to your translated medical document where it will be perceived as the true copy of the original document.

What Is Medical Translation?

The term medical translation refers to the practice of translating various medical documents such as medical bulletins, patient information, drug details, training materials, etc. In addition, it also comprises the translation of the labeling and instructions of medical devices and pharmaceuticals. Medical document translation has become a necessity especially when the patient’s medical records are in a language different from the healthcare provider.

Having access to an authorized medical translation agency will help the medical professionals to communicate effectively to their patients. The need for a professional medical translation cannot be overlooked as its greatly beneficial to both healthcare providers and patients equally. For instance, with access to the translated healthcare record, doctors can provide accurate and safe medical treatment to their foreign patients. Meanwhile, patients will also be aware of the particulars regarding any medical procedures or medication.

Medical Translation Services
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We Do Not Compromise On Quality

We know quality is your priority and hence will not compromise on it. From simple medical prescription form to complex clinical trials, medical translation services require precision and correctness. Since it is a matter of life and death, you can’t afford a medical translation to go wrong by any means. We truly understand this fact and value the quality that is needed for your translation project. At Vanan Translation, we have customized linguists with subject-matter proficiency and proven medical background. Our medical translations services are compliant to ISO 9001:2015 standards that add to the value of your translated medical document.

Accuracy matters in medical translation services. The highly sensitive nature of medical texts marks the importance of accuracy and translation quality. Errors are not acceptable as it may result in major medical complications. You cannot omit or add any new details or substitute with a word that nearly matches the source word. This can be quiet problematic as it can lead to fatal errors.

Types Of Medical Documents We Translate

As a professional medical translation company, we dedicatedly work for ensuring the quality of the translation done. Our team of skilled translators has great expertise in various areas of medicine such as biotechnology, biochemistry, life sciences, toxicology, pharmacology, etc. Furthermore, our human-powered translation leaves no room for errors. Here are some of the common documents that we offer medical translation services: Physician Manuals, Pharmaceutical Data, Clinical Trials, Medical Labeling, Instructions for Uses (IFUs), Insurance Reports, Medical Journals/brochure, Clinical Protocols, Medical Texts/terminologies, Discharge Report, Patient Information Leaflets (PIL), Official Clinical Reports, etc. There are a lot more to this list! Contact our 24*7 customer support team for more information.

Medical Language Translation Service

Medical Language is highly complex in nature and hence requires the assistance of translators who are well versed in medical terminologies. To ensure flawless medical language translation, we at Vanan Translation use multi-level quality checks and review systems. Our native experts work on 100+ language combinations. Even the rarest of language will not hinder the quality or delivery time of your translated copy. Below mentioned are some of the highly requested language combinations.

  • Medical Translation Services Spanish to English
  • ✓ Medical Translation from German to English
  • ✓ Medical Translation English to Chinese
  • ✓ Medical Translation from French to English
  • ✓ Medical translation from English to Arabic
  • ✓ Medical translation from Japanese to English

Apart from these common language pairs, we also take up other languages upon individual requests. Have a language pair in mind? Get in touch with our customer support team right away!

Why Are Medical Records Translation Services Important?

Medical records Translation Services play an essential role in providing proper care and treatment to patients who speak other languages. It is an effective and efficient way that is chosen by many health care professionals. Clinical research Translation services ensure that your documents are accurate and meet international regulations. Certified clinical trial Translation Services could be a huge help both to the treating physicians and to the patients under their care. Translation of clinical trial documents is also beneficial for the patients as they are aware of the details on a medical procedure that is being undergone. Clinical trials Translation Services are the professional services that help in effective communication. Translation of important medical documents like patient medical records and access document is included in the Clinical trial Documents Translation.

Medical Translation Services

Why Choose Vanan Translations As Your Medical Translation Company

We are an ISO certified translation company with services across all the major cities in the USA such as Las Vegas, New York, California, Chicago, Florida, Texas, Phoenix, etc. Our professional translation office delivers immediate translation services upon personalized requests. You can search for ‘medical translation services near me’ to access our services in and around your location. Our team of 800+ multi-lingual experts makes it possible to deliver your translated copy into any language pair of your choice.

Value-added Features
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  • ✓ Affordable translation rates
  • ✓ Quick turnaround time
  • ✓ Secure payment mode

Not enough reason to avail our services, then experience it for yourself. Get a free quote for your project today!

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