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We price match quotes for you to experience the quality of our service *


100% Satisfaction Guaranteed !! or Get Your Money Back *


We price match quotes for you to experience the quality of our service *


Medical Translation Services

"Receive quick & secure medical document translation services by experienced translators at reasonable rates in over 100 languages."

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Top-notch Medical Translation Services by Experienced Translators

Vanan Translation is a highly reputed company providing medical translation services for over a decade. Our translation service rates are as follows: $0.10 per word for document translation, and audio translation at a rate of $7.00 per minute. Call 1-800-230-7918 to receive a free quote. Our clients include hospitals, health care professionals, insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies, medical device manufacturers, clinical research organizations, etc. If you are a business looking for a reliable partner for your medical translation requirement, get in touch with us right away.

People across the globe travel to developed countries such as the US for better medical care. The primary barrier that becomes a hindrance is communication is the language. We help bridge this gap by bringing together the care givers and the care seekers. Translate your medical documents and content in over 100 languages by our native language experts.


We follow strict confidentiality and security protocols when it comes to medical documents. We sign an NDA for your peace of mind and ensure that only authorized personnel can access the information you share with us. So, wait no more!!! Get your flawless certified translations on time.

Certified Medical Translation Services - Accepted Worldwide

All medical translations usually require a certification. Medical products, health information, surgical instructions, clinical data, manuals, legal medical documents, etc., are accepted by organizations, institutions, and government bodies across the globe only if they are certified by a trusted translation company. We have a team of skilled ATA-certified translators ( American Translators Association ) who provide accurate translations of all medical texts.

We understand that medical translation services need to be flawlessly done. Any error in the translations can cause severe repercussions to patient care. It will also put healthcare companies in legal trouble in different countries. Most countries have strict laws and regulations when it comes to medical care. Our translators understand the stringent regulatory laws of various countries.

If you belong to the healthcare industry, you can rely on our medical translators for your translation needs. Our medical translation services adhere to HIPPA compliance.

Accuracy of Our Medical Translators With the Terminology

Our translators have adequate experience translating medical documents. Your medical document will be translated only by a translator who has experience in medical translation. Therefore, the chances of error are very low. Being accurate with the terminology is a crucial thing when it comes to medical translation.

Names of the diseases, medications, medical conditions, etc., are often complicated and translating them makes it even more complicated. One cannot afford a single error during such translations. We give importance to translating each term present in your document or content. Our team is excellent at medical terminology management. Whether it is Mandarin, Japanese, Spanish or any other language or dialect, our medical translators translate it to perfection.

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We Cover the Following Industries Within the Medical Sector

We have access to the right technology, industry specialist, and native language experts to provide flawless medical translation services. We work with the following industries in the health care & life sciences sector:

✓ Biotechnology companies

✓ Medical research companies

✓ Clinics and hospitals

✓ Clinical Research Organisation(s)

✓ Pharmaceutical manufacturers and distributors

✓ Medical equipment manufacturers

✓ Medical Insurance companies

100% Human Translations by Experienced Medical Professionals

Owing to the complicated terminologies used in the medical field, it is not advisable to go for AI or machine translation. Vanan Translation provides a hundred percent human translation service. Once your medical document is translated, it is proofread by a team of medical proofreaders to check if the terminologies perfectly match the source and target language. offer a large number of services that could prove useful to the medical sector. Our clientele includes renowned private and government healthcare industries from around the world.

Once you assign your medical translation job to our team, you can rest assured of receiving accurate translations that are delivered on the agreed timeline. We also provide a rush, super rush medical translation within 24 hours.


The Different Kinds of Medical Documents Do We Translate?

Vanan Translation provides not only medical document translation but also offers medical localization services while meeting all the regulatory compliance. Ours is a language services company that provides integrated language services. Our team is well versed in medical terms and is a leading provider of medical translation.

We translate the following documents: patient medical history, medical reports, clinical trials reports, medical equipment labels, manuals & instructions, pharma leaflets & packaging, prescriptions, clinical protocols, life science translation, and more.

Professional Good Documentation Practices (GDP) Translation

The pharmaceutical and medical device industries have a particular set of procedures to be followed so that there is a system for verification and documentation. We translate the medical documents such as corrective and preventive plans, product specifications, release notes, patient forms, rejection notices, approval records, and more, ensuring the protocols are followed well while translating.

Our native translators seamlessly translate GDP or GDocP documents to meet the international regulatory standards. GDP documents could be electronic documents, handwritten notes, or recorded videos. We have experience translating all kinds of content.

Trusted Translation of Clinical Research Organizations

Vanan Translation's health care translators have experience in translating various documents for clinical research organizations. CROs work on a considerable number of documents and a complicated documentation process. It gets all the more difficult when these documents need to be translated into another language. Additionally, the regulations and laws of the foreign country also need to be taken care of.

Our team of native health care translators can do this task exceptionally well. Some of the important documents that CROs use are Case Record Form (CRF), Investigator's Brochure (IB), Informed Consent Documents (ICD), Trial Master File (TMF), and other documents related to laboratory research. tified by American Translators Association

Contact us for the most confidential & secure document translations of Clinical Research Organizations. We certify all our translations and guarantee acceptance by all governments and organizations in any country across the globe.

So, are you looking for HIPPA compliance in medical translation? We are the most appropriate translation and localization company for you to achieve linguistic accuracy and perfection in medical terminologies. Whether medical research or biotechnology firms, we serve the health care sector with utmost professionalism.

Choose any language or dialect from European, Middle Eastern, or others. Get a free quote and partner with the most trusted medical translation provider - Vanan Translation. We help you translate within your budget.

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