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We price match quotes for you to experience the quality of our service *


100% Satisfaction Guaranteed !! or Get Your Money Back *


We price match quotes for you to experience the quality of our service *


Professional French Translation Services You Can Always Trust

Translate your documents into the French language with our certified French translation services delivered by our native translators with high accuracy guaranteed.

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Certified French Translation Services in Over 100 Languages

Vanan Services provides genuine French translation services to customers worldwide. Our native translators are familiar with the language of the source document and target document, which allows the delivery of high-quality services.

French is a popular language spoken by individuals across the globe. As businesses are rapidly entering new international markets, the demand for French translation is increasing. We can provide your business with reliable translation solutions at reasonable prices.

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Vanan Services is a reputed translation company with a focus on meeting all translation requests of clients. Each translator in our team can handle French translation projects of any size. We aim to deliver translations at speed and within the budget of our consumers.

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Know More About French as the Second Global Language

French is a language that is broadly spoken in about 58 nations of the 5 continents. Nearly 80 million individuals speak French globally. There are over 1 million French speakers in the United States.

Most of the UN documents exist in French. French is widely spoken in France, Canada, Switzerland, Belgium, UK, and African countries. French is also known as the second most widely taught language worldwide. We can also handle other variations of French such as Canadian French.

So, if you plan to expand your business to French-speaking nations, French document translations are essential. Vanan Services is a leading French translation company delivering a wide range of accurate translations.

We assist your business in translating your brochures and other marketing materials from English to French. Our native translators have proficiency in the language and ensure meeting the highest standards of translation. We understand the culture of your target audience and provide business translation services accordingly. We can also provide medical translation for healthcare industries, technical translation for the manufacturing sector, and academic translation for the education sector.

Translate Your Documents with Native French Translators

We have certified French translators with expertise in the field. Our linguists have years of translation experience. That is why top global companies trust us for their French translation needs.

Our innovative platform allows us to easily handle any level of complexity. No matter what size of the document you want us to translate, we ensure on-time deliveries every time. The extensive experience of our linguists allows us to provide reliable French translation to our clients.

Apart from French translation services, our linguists can translate documents into multiple other languages. We can translate your content into Japanese, Portuguese, Italian, Arabic, Chinese, Spanish, Hebrew, German, and more. We have an understanding of the terminology of different languages that enables us to provide quality content.

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French Document Translation Services from the Experts

Businesses expanding into the French speaking markets require translating various business documents. Irrespective of the business you are in, we can provide you with the best quality professional French translation services. We guarantee the translation quality with our certificate of translation.

You can trust our services for your French document translation demands. We serve multiple industries like legal, healthcare, engineering, manufacturing, finance, agriculture, education, fashion, travel, aerospace, advertising, and software. We can translate documents like marketing materials, patents, user guides, PowerPoint, and more.

We can also translate personal documents like birth certificates and marriage certificates. Our language experts can provide website translation, website localization, and software localization services with high accuracy. We deliver our French translation solutions to individuals, private companies, and government agencies.

High-Quality Professional English to French Translations

French and English are two languages with overlapping histories. The two differ in terms of several grammar aspects. Translating documents from English to French can be challenging.

That is why you need to rely on the translation service of the experts. Only native French linguists can help you overcome the potential translation barriers effectively. We have professional experts who can perfectly deliver English to French translation services.

We focus on the minute details of the source text and translate them into the French language. We employ human translators instead of machine translation for high accuracy. As a reputed translation provider, we are the ultimate solution for all your English to French translation requirements.

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At Vanan Services, you can also get high-quality French to English translation services.

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Opt for Our Custom French Legal Translation Services

Legal is one of the important industries that we serve. We provide high-quality French legal translations to our clients. We can translate various legal documents like contracts, articles, patents, agreements, and more.

We take care of the original style and formatting of the documents during the translation process. We ensure optimum compliance with the legal regulations. We guarantee the security of your litigation documents.

We secure your sensitive documents with an NDA. All your files will be accessed by our professionals for translation purposes only. We provide our reliable translation solutions to legal professionals and courts.

French Translation Services for the Life Sciences Industry

As a leading localization and translation company, we also provide our French translation services to the life sciences industry. We have French language experts specializing in medical and scientific matters. We can translate a variety of content types in the life science domain.

We provide our French translation to healthcare marketers, medical device manufacturers, payers, pharmaceuticals, and IVR companies. We translate documents like patient surveys, informed consent, clinical trial questionnaires, labels, and protocols. Our vast vocabulary allows us to deliver accurate and professional translation services.

Our French linguist translates the documents into the French language word by word. We understand the expectation of our customers and provide satisfactory translations.

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Flexible French Translation Services for Financial Sector

We provide the most accurate translation services to the financial sector. Whether you want to translate your balance sheet or financial statement, our experts can help.

We have certified financial translators who have knowledge of financial matters. We aim to meet all the translation demands of financial companies. We can also deliver the translated documents in the file format as per the requirement of our consumers.

We can translate fact sheets, annual reports, fund reports, and much more. We ensure optimum regulatory compliance while delivering our services.

Fast and Affordable French Translations You Can Rely On

We support business growth through our quick French translation services. In the competitive era, every business competes with others in the industry. We help companies to stay ahead in the race by translating their documents in much less time.

We allow our consumer to reach their audience before their competitors. We make sure to meet the deadline of our customers.

We also provide our French translation solutions at reasonable prices. Our low pricing increases the demand for our translations in the industry. Irrespective of the language you want to translate your content in, we can translate content on time and within your budget.

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We approach each and every work with utmost professionalism. We ensure optimum satisfaction for our consumers. We provide our services in various locations, including Atlanta, Columbia, Flint, Houston, Jacksonville, Portland, and many others. Contact us today for a free quote!

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