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French Translation Services

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French Translation Services

French translation services provided by Vanan Translation are of best quality and highest accuracy that is most expected by our clients. We offer clear quality chinese translation services at a very affordable cost lesser than the market rates.

Online French Translation

Vanan Translation takes the pride of offering best French translation services that is of ensured with good quality work done by our native speakers’ translators. Our professional French translator team is well trained to meet the requirements of our clients by understanding their needs exactly.

We with the ISO Standards offer French certified translation services that meets all quality and accuracy requirements without any compromise. We further offer the services in best low rates that are competitive too in the industry and with highest accuracy retained.

Certified French Translation Services

We have got all the French dialects such as Belgian French, Swiss French, Aostan French, Canadian French, Lebanese French, African French, Haitian Creole, Louisiana Creole, Antillean Creole, Guianese Creole, Karipúna, Mauritian Creole, Agalega Creole, Chagossian Creole, Réunion Creole, Rodriguan Creole, Seychellois Creole, Pidgin French covered in and around Lafayette, Ville Platte, Abbeville, Kaplan, Thibodaux, Crowley, Eunice, Rayne, Berlin, Broussard, Quebec city, Montreal. If you’re migrating from or to Rwanda, Algeria, Hong Kong, Central African Republic, Burkina Faso, Nigeria, Ivory Coast, Sudan, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Italy, Germany, Somalia, Portugal, Central African Republic, Morocco, Vietnam, Nigeria, Mali, France, Italy, Angola, Portugal, Germany, Guinea, Netherlands, Tunisia, Poland, Serbia, Pakistan, Spain, Turkey, Sri Lanka, Jamaica, United Kingdom, Iran, Belgium, South Korea, Madagascar, Senegal, Guyana, China, Romania, Switzerland legal or academic vital documents to be translated to French is now quickly/expeditiously done by us.

French to English translation service

You might need any French documents like texts, documents, audio or video files to be translated from French to English and also English to French language and we guarantee to provide you the best.

We have a network of professional French translators from Speaking countries. A hassle-free French to English and vice versa. We understand the importance of the other language combinations such as:

  • ✓ African French to Kinyarwanda
  • ✓ French to Berber
  • ✓ French to Moroccan Arabic
  • ✓ French to Spanish
  • ✓ French to Turkish
  • ✓ French to English
  • ✓ French to Vietnamese
  • ✓ French to Malagasy
  • ✓ French to Mandarin
  • ✓ French to Polish
  • ✓ French to Romansh
  • ✓ Canadian French to Cantonese
  • ✓ Canadian French to Vietnamese
  • ✓ Canadian French to German
  • ✓ Canadian French to Urdu
  • ✓ Canadian French to Polish
  • ✓ Canadian French to Sinhala
  • ✓ Canadian French to Persian
  • ✓ Canadian French to Korean
  • ✓ Canadian French to Dutch
  • ✓ Canadian French to Romanian
  • ✓ African French to Sango
  • ✓ African French to Chadian Arabic
  • ✓ Kinyarwanda to English
  • ✓ Kinyarwanda to Anfrian French
  • ✓ African French to Somali
  • ✓ African French to Standard Arabic
  • ✓ French to Serbian

Demand for French Translations

French is one of the world’s top 10 most-used languages. It is thus no wonder that there is a good demand for professional French translation services across industries like academic, official, legal, financial, and many more.

Who is a Professional French Translator?

A professional translator has expansive knowledge and a deep understanding of a language’s nuances and dialects. This is applied even when French is the source language or the targeted one.

Take translation services from French to English for instance. If a client requires a legal document French translation, then it is significant for the concerned translator to have awareness about both English and French accents.

Such kind of insight differentiates a professional translator from the regular one.

Adding to this, professionals provide ATA - certified for their translations. So, for Certified French translations that have a legal, official, or judicial value to it, results with a Certificate of Translation. This ensures that the French translation service is accurate and correct to the expert’s knowledge.

Choosing Manual Translation Over Automated

Automated French translation services are the ones that are offered free of cost. But the quality and accuracy of the process may not satisfiable. The reason is that, online free software is a machine-learning platform and needs years to develop.

For quicker and less important translations, one can make use of these online tools. To state an example, French to English translation service for your personal PDF. or some rough assignments can be translated automatedly.

Typically, for official and other law-related translations, choosing a professional French translation agency is the best choice. Since expertise in working with numerous industries will give a precise and quality translation.

French language translation services


✓ Affordable Price
✓ Supports all file formats
✓ Fast Turnaround
✓ High Accuracy

Besides offering English translate we also translate any content from other languages to French such as:

Best Features of Vanan Translation:

Rush and valuable translation service

Native and experienced translators

To make uploading of files easier for online French translation, we simplify the process online.

Simply click here to upload your source files;

We regardless of type of file, accept all formats and sizes of files for French translation.

Some of the audio / video formats of files we accept include: MP3, MPEG, WAV, AMR, AIFF, SND and more.

Besides providing translation services we also provide localization and transcription services.


Is your French to Korean translation audio done at best quality?

We never compromise in quality for any types of translation services. We have all advanced equipments and software for French to Korean translation audio services in order to offer at highest quality.

Can you translate French into Spanish text from speech and vice versa?

We are an experienced and professional team of translators who are always ready to do any type of translation services. We thus confidently offer French into Spanish text and Spanish to French text translate services.

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US : 1-866-200-5406 UK :+44-80-8238-0078 AUS :+61-1-8003-57380

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