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Movie Translation Services

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What is a movie translation?

Movie translation is nothing but translating the film into your respective languages. To narrate your story clearly to a world audience, you need film script translation in more than one language, depends on how many countries you wan to release the film. For translating documents, our rates commence at $0.10 per word, and audio translations are billed at $7.00 per minute. For a no-cost estimate, phone 1-800-230-7918.

This translation process is quite tricky and it's done by language services providers with professional movie translators. The most common methods involved in movie translations are subtitling, lip-sync dubbing and voice-overs.

Break Language and Cultural Barriers with Movie Translation Services

The global film industry is showing a great future in the coming years. The revenue for the global box office has increased to 38 billion US dollars and is expected to touch the mark of 50 billion US dollars by the end of 2020. The United States is the third largest movie market on the planet. China and India have the top movie markets.

Films made in the US and India have an audience all around the globe. But not all the US and Indian movie viewers know English or Hindi language. To keep on entertaining individuals worldwide, the translation of movies into other languages becomes an important factor. Film, movie and documentary makers work with native translators to make their movies reach millions.

Another thing is people are more inclined towards online movies or prefer watching movies at home. 54% of Americans like to watch movies at home and only 19% of American adults prefer going to the movies. This has made a decrease in the number of cinema sites in the United States by 2000 (approx.) since the year 1997.

Movie Translation Company

Vanan Translation is one of the leading movie translation service providing company in the United States that offers professional movie translation services in any language with the help of our native skilled movie translators. Our film translation rates are affordable in the market and we do all the movie subtitle translation in languages such as Spanish, Arabic, Italian and more.

Evolution of Movie Translation Services

This is the age of the internet and mass communication. Time demands of no cultural and language barriers. The audience likes to access things from other languages and also want the right to share them freely. Be it a movie or an online video, be it a book or a song, the demand and popularity of these things are beyond languages now.

This has led to the need for professional movie translation services. There are multiple categories of performing movie translations. Earlier, the translation of the written material such as movie scripts and articles were translated, this leads to the production of the entire movie in the translated language.

Later, subtitling and dubbing services were incorporated with the movie translation services. These are 2 major kinds of online movie translation services. Both of them have their own importance and advantages.

✓ Affordable Price
✓ Supports all file formats
✓ Fast Turnaround
✓ High Accuracy

Different Kinds of Movie Translation Services

Subtitling is a method of creating the written form of the words spoken in the movie. All the movie dialogues are translated from the source language to a target language. Synchronization plays an important role here; the right subtitles need to be displayed at the exact time when the dialogue is being delivered. The subtitles are usually displayed at the bottom of the screen. Subtitles are crucial for the audience who are either deaf or hard of hearing.

On the other hand, dubbing is the method of lip synchronizing foreign words according to the movement of the actor in the film. This gives the viewers an illusion that the actors are speaking the target language instead of the source language. Dubbing is good for people who don’t understand the source language but are interested in the movies.

Challenges Faced by Movie Translation Providers

A lot of dedication is needed to be a movie translator. While doing movie translation via the dubbing method, the translators need to create the entire script based on the source language script. Also, the script needs to be synchronized as per the mouth movement of the actors. The knowledge of the culture of the target market is also important so that the translators can use various slang and are able to present the content more accurately.

Translation of films is a difficult job. Be it a simple conversation or a complex one, it must be presented in a manner to satisfy your target audience. Subtitles have time and space limitations. Subtitles need to be presented within the fixed number of characters, carrying all the information, and giving the viewers enough time to read them. The synchronization of the subtitles along with the sound and picture on the screen is another thing to take care of.

We are a movie translation company that knows how to deal with all these issues and limitations. Our professional translators are experienced and native to more than 100 languages and cultures and thus, offer the best movie translation services in the market.

Why Vanan Translation?

We are a certified movie translation agency that follows all the video accessibility laws and compliances. There are multiple video accessibility laws by the government of the US that the video/ movie/ film, producers need to follow. These laws are:

✓ Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) – Sets landmark for accessibility requirements

✓ 21st Century Communications and Video Accessibility Act (CVAA) – Closed captioning is required for online videos

✓ Federal Communications Commission (FCC) – Mandates the online video programming

✓ Rehabilitation Act (Sections 508 & 504) – Makes accessibility for disabled a civil right especially for IT and electronic media

We offer the best movie translation rates for our services. If interested, you can contact us via chat.

Movie Translation Services

Vanan Translation is a world-class movie translation company providing film translations that meet client requirements. We are a professional movie translation company, performing each job with dedication and attention to details, thus producing very accurate translation work at quick intervals. It is our trademark to deliver within the specified length of time required by clients in the form of RUSH and EXPRESS services. We have special offers like Free quote and bulk orders which are our key features.

Our company has a resourceful team of 1000+ human translators who also happen to be native speakers. They are multi-language wizards, qualified technical experts who are well trained and experienced which allows them to give prompt results. We cater to more than 100 languages providing affordable rates giving 100% satisfaction to our customer. We do give notarization and company certifications for our services. Our certified translators have so far done many projects successfully with high accuracy levels.

No need to worry about the fate of your uploaded files! We safeguard them through our latest software tools and protect the secrecy of the data. Our customer care representatives who supply 24/7 services will provide guidance throughout the completion of your project. We do send the end product as a physical copy if needed.

Movie Translation Rate

Movie translation have made the film industry able to gain millions of audience members across the world for the movies from different languages. Translation rate for a movie is fixed at the range of cheaper prices. The rates would vary for each language. Affordable, timely, and quality output is worth your money!

Listed below though are factors that may influence turnaround time and pricing:

✓ It would take a little more time to complete the task when an additional subtitling service is wanted after translation. Consequently, a reasonable cost will be added to the movie translation rate when subtitling service is also required.

✓ It would take a very short time when translation is delivered in textual formats for Microsoft Word, or other standard word processors.

✓ The rate and time required depends on text length or content, as well as the genre and technicalities involved. For instance, translating a simple conversation would have a different pricing to translation of a legal document.

✓ The time code determination for the subtitles would minimally take more time to complete.

Besides offering movie translations, we also offer other translation services and transcription services.

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