Tips to Select the Right Online Translation Agency

The Flowering of The Online Translation Agency

According to the report “The Langauge Services Market 2018” by Common sense advisory (CSA) the market will increase to $56.18 billion by the year 2021. Due to the ever-growing need and presence of translation in businesses, medico-legal, and educational industries, online language service provides (LSPs) have mushroomed. As such one should show a bit of tenacity and a bit of veracity when choosing an online translation service

This article is aimed to provide pointers on how to choose a translation service. Let’s look at some criterion that will help you in deciding the Best Translation Company:

  1. Accuracy promised: Certified translation agency usually promise accuracy close to the coveted 100%. However, several factors play a role in determining the accuracy of the end-translation. First, native translators – native translators help ensure that the translation will incorporate slang, colloquialism, and cultural references. Secondly, expertise – helps ensure the translation is performed quickly and without any errors. Thirdly, quality management standards in place – which provides advice on handling consumer relations and translation undertakings, choosing human resources, and managing project terms with the client.
  2. Expert translators: It goes without saying expert translators provide the best translation. A native expert translator is what you should be looking for to acquire the best translation. A “niche translation”, be it medical, legal, or financial translation, should be provided by medical, legal, and financial native translators respectively. These translations can be a little costlier but in case of legal, medical, or financial cases accuracy should never be compromised with the cost. Expert translators call online professional translation company their homes and help in providing the best translation. A general-purpose translation is usually cheaper than those requiring experts.
  3. Convenience: Translation requiring effort on your side is undesirable. Online language translation agency helps in achieving translation anytime, and anywhere. The online process is the epitome of convenience. The documents requiring translations are uploaded to a secure server, a quote is provided and once payment is done, the completed translation is delivered back to you in the delineated timeline. Begin translating conveniently today by searching ” professional translation services near me”.
  4. Language support: Since translation is performed remotely translation services should provide support for a multitude of languages. From major languages of the world like English, Chinese, Spanish, French, Italian, and German to more esoteric languages – like Marshallese, Tigrinya, and Basque – online services have got you covered. Translation company in USA can provide support to 100+ global languages and you will be able to get the translation from any part of the world.
  5. Cost: Traditionally translations have been expensive. Factor in time spent in translating, shipping, time spent traveling, acquiring a certificate of accuracy, and notary – the cost becomes mountainous. Online translation services that provide transparent and nominal fees are to be chosen. This can usually be seen through reviews – those translation services that unnecessarily hike prices receive a bad review. Also, some of the language translation companies provide a price-matching policy thus enabling you to acquire the best translation at the best possible rates.
  6. Turnaround Time (TAT): Online translations have streamlined the process and invariably helped in reducing the costs. Sometimes if the translation is urgent use of multiple translators might be warranted – and professional translation services got you covered there as well. Online certified translation services with the help of remote translators and multiple translators to help you achieve translation for hundreds of pages of a book or a critical piece of scientific literature in the required time.  
  7. Review and work samples: Customer review and work samples usually front lined in the websites of any major LSPs. When reviewing work samples be on the lookout for whether the translation meets the expectations in terms of quality. Another thing to be on the lookout for is consumer review – this acts as a litmus test of the points summarized above. As mentioned consumer review will help you in knowing how good the translation is, how quick the process is, and how transparent the pricing is.
  8. Confidentiality: Translation services should provide confidence to their client. There are various protocols that translation services employ to help clients achieve confidentiality. It can include non-disclosure agreements (NDAs), HIPAA privacy compliance, the ability for the client to delete files from the server, ISO/IEC 27701 compliance, view-per-work policy, and end-to-end encryption. This information is included in the language translation services website and obviously helps in ensuring confidentiality.
  9. Content types supported:  Some examples of document translation services include –
    1. Financial: Product descriptions, User reviews, Websites, Marketing collateral, Marketing & advertising, Customer support, Branding materials
    2. Legal: Contracts, Licenses & permits, Terms & Conditions, Service agreements, Trademarks & copyrights, Patents
    3. Media: Social media content, Mobile apps and games, Hard / soft news articles, Questions and answers
    4. Technology & Software: Documentation, Customer support, Websites, and apps, Training manuals
    5. Medical translation: Medical and pharmaceutical products, Medical devices, Documents for clinical trials including physician manuals, consent forms, and case report form, medical device manuals (IFU/DFU), hospital documentation, and medical reports


Choosing a proper online certified translation company will help guarantee accuracy, low rates, the meeting of deadlines, and confidentiality thus boosting your confidence.  

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