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what is document translation?

Documents, be they electronic or paper, are the basis of our government, economy, education, and everyday life, without which our society wouldn’t function as smoothly. So, what is document translation?

Document translation entails the conversion of written information from one language to another. It is a complex process that requires the translator to properly understand the source and target languages and cultures for accuracy, completeness, and authenticity in the translation.

A good translation should convey the same intent, meaning, and tone as the original message without errors or omissions. It must take into account the regional and cultural differences of the target market.

What is a Certified Translation of a Document?

what is document translation?

A certified translation is one where the translated document is accompanied by a certification from a qualified translator in the form of a stamp, signature, or written statement. These translations are for official use where the receiver requires an affirmation that the translation is accurate, complete, and a true copy of the original document.
Certified translations are especially important for legal and business purposes. They are commonly required for submission to immigration, courts, government agencies, universities, and other organizations.

What is Translation Software?

Translation software is an application in either cloud or desktop versions designed to simplify the translation process and help human translators quickly deliver high-quality translations from one language to another. It includes features, tools, and resources designed to provide a safe and stable translation environment.

How to Get an Official Translation of a Document?

You get an official translation of a document from a professional translator or a credible translation services company. You must consider the relevant credentials, reputation, and experience of the translator. Here below are the three key steps to follow to get an official translation:

  • Find a reliable translator or translation agency that offers certified document translation services. The best option is Vanan Translation, as the agency uses a team of native linguists well versed in document translation services.
  • Visit the translation agency’s website, upload your document, answer relevant questions on your translation service needs, and request a free quote.
  • After receiving your final bill, complete the payment process so the translators can get started on the project as per your requirements.
  • When your project is completed, the agency delivers it to you together with a signed statement of accuracy from the translator.

How Much Does Document Translation Cost?

Document translation costs vary depending on the project size, industry, and the complexity of the source language text. Vanan Translation offers high-quality, accurate, and timely document translation services starting at $0.10/word. Multimedia translations cost $7/minute, while the cost of official translations starts at $25/page.

Document Translation When Immigrating: What Documents Do You Translate?

Authorities are usually concerned about the credentials of the people entering their country, whether their purpose is work, study, medical, tourism, or even a permanent immigration visa. It is a standard requirement that all documents needed to support an immigration application but not in the same language as that spoken in the country where the application is made be translated by competent, professional translators.

The documents needed for immigration translation vary from country to country. Some of the most common documents include financial records, character references, passports, birth & death certificates, marriage & divorce certificates, academic certificates, health records, criminal records, etc. 

How to Certify a Translation Document?

To certify a translation, the translation specialist or agency must write and sign a certification statement attesting that the translated document is true, accurate, and complete. 

The certification statement should include the following:

  • A statement attesting that the translated document is accurate.
  • A statement regarding the translators qualifications.
  • Clarification on whether the certification was done by a reviewer or the original translator
  • Identification of the language the translation is in.
  • Date, address, name, & signature of the translator.


When picking a translator for your certified document translation services, go for a team with a proven track record of providing high-quality work on time, such as Vanan Translation. With a network of highly skilled native linguists, the agency can translate files in all formats in over 100 languages with the much-needed accuracy and precision at affordable rates. Vanan Translation simplifies the entire translation process by providing notarized translation services.

What is a Certified Translation?

With rapid globalization, the need for translation services is accelerating. However, in many cases, you would be required to submit only certified translations. In such a situation, many people wonder what is a certified translation. 

Meaning of Certified Translation

If you are thinking about what is a certified translation, understanding its meaning is important. As per the ATA or American Translators Association, certified translation refers to the translation that is accompanied by a signed statement guaranteeing the completeness and accuracy of the translation. The signed statement is often referred to as the Certificate of Accuracy.

It is provided by the professional translator or translation agency that translates the document. The certification ensures that the highest quality translation has been delivered as per the ability and knowledge of the translator.

A certified translation will mainly consist of the following:

  • The original document
  • The translated document
  • The Certificate of Accuracy contains the name of the translator, date, and signature.

The Need for Certified Translation

Are you wondering why certified translation is needed? Well, it is important when dealing with the legal documents that you need to submit to the government entities. For instance, if you are submitting any documents for the immigration process, visa application, or admission into a foreign university, you would require certified translations.

The common documents that require certified translation are:

  • Birth certificates
  • Driving license
  • Marriage certificates
  • Patent filings
  • Academic certificates
  • Financial records
  • Legal documents for court cases
  • Visas and passports
  • Contracts
  • Criminal record checks
  • Medical records 

How to get a certified translation?

Now that you know why certified translation is needed, your next question would be how to get a certified translation? Well, when it comes to how to get a certified translation, you will require the assistance of a professional translation company. Look for a translation agency that can provide you with accurate translations.

The professional translators are familiar with the requirements of certified translations and can provide you with the best quality translations at affordable rates. Choose a certified translation company that specializes in translating the specific type of documents you require.

Cost of certified translation

Are you thinking about how much does a certified translation cost? When it is about how much does a certified translation cost, the cost will differ. It will depend on the charges of the translation agency, the document type, and the target language.

Some translation agencies charge on a per word basis. However, there are other agencies that charge on a per-page basis. The per-page cost is likely to vary between $20 to $100.


The importance of getting certified translation cannot be overlooked. It is vital when submitting legal documents. Hire the best-certified translation services and be sure of the translation quality. 

So, do you have some business material or personal documents that require translation?
There are four ways to get the translation jobs done. First is to translate through a translation agency, second is to work directly with a professional translator, third is to DIY and last is by posting your translation job at a translation market place. 

Below, we have gathered the best market places to get your documents translated. 


Topping the list is, the most trusted translation marketplace for professional translators to publish linguistic & technical questions. Here, each translator is graded by peers, colleagues, and their clients via a strategic reward system known as the kudos. So, if you are in search of a competent native translator, you can check this detail before making any hiring decision.

#2 TranslatorCafe

Second on the list is TranslatorCafe, another trusted marketplace to post translation jobs. Here you can find a translator or translation agency following your project. There are also discussion forums for translators to talk about one another’s doubts like one big community.

#3 TranslationDirectory

TranslationDirectory is amongst the oldest marketplaces with a huge membership base to post translation jobs. It also has a wealth of helpful articles and dictionaries related to translation.

#4 Hyperlingo

Hyperlingo is a leading UK-based freelance marketplace that connects clients with qualified translators. Hyperlingo is new to the industry and you will find the right linguists here that fit your budget.

#5 Tranzilla

If you are in search of trustworthy translators with expertise in Russian or Eastern-European languages, then Russian based marketplace Tranzilla is the best place to commence your search. One thing you need to note is that this website does not have English language interface, so you will require a machine translation app if you don’t know Russian language. 

#6  Lyngual 

Although Lyngual is an emerging German-based startup, it has a huge database of translators for clients across the globe.

#7 TranslatorsAuction

Unlike the other translation marketplaces, here you can order a free translation before you make the hiring decision. The interface is smooth and easy to use. 

#8 2polyglot

2polyglot marketplace allows clients to post translation requirements for copywriting assignments and language tutors. The interface is user-friendly to browse. Once you post your job, you will receive notification of bids. You can compare the bids and interview multiple candidates to find a suitable one. However, this is not a marketplace exclusively for translation jobs.

#9 Ureed

Ureed is a renowned Middle-East freelance marketplace, where you can find the right talent to translate your document or website with high accuracy. Also, this not not just for translations. You can post your translation requirement for free. 


Finally, for accurate translation for business marketing material or essential personal documents like marriage certificates, you must hire specialist linguists, rather than online software. Because, here, even the minutest mistake could prove to be costly in the long run. Research well to narrow down on a trustworthy translation agency, read their online reviews and ratings to have a clear idea of whether they are worth the hire or not. In translation market places, the biggest disadvantage is that you don’t know the translator. It is always better if you speak to the translator before handing over the job to him/her so that you personally understand the capabilities of the translator. This is possible only through a professional translation agency.


Different Industries That Hire Translation Services

In the present day and age, the major cities of the world have turned into global communities. The businesses are no longer confined to one geographic area or one country. Though the technological advancements and the developments in communication facilities have brought the world closer together, languages can still be a barrier when you want to reach out to overseas customers, and translation services can effectively come to your aid in that regard. On that note, let’s take a look at the different industries that hire the services of a translation agency.

Banking and Finance

The banking and finance sector plays an important role in the global trading environment. In order to get new customers from foreign nations and achieve high level of consistency, the financial and banking services use translators to make the communications effective and clear. This aids them in strengthening relationships and developing trust with potential customers. Accurate translation of the financial forms, documents, websites, applications and transactions helps them in meeting the expectations of the customers really easily. 

Information and Technology

The IT industry is booming these days. The companies in this sector have to handle several projects internationally on a daily basis. In this particular sector, the companies need translation agencies for the technical documents in different languages so that they are able to meet the expectations of global customers. Translating technical documents without proper technical translation expertise is not that easy. So, the companies functioning in this particular sector take the help of the professional and certified translation agencies for creating different versions of the documents. 

Travel and Tourism

Travel and tourism have seen a good rise in revenue generation, thanks to the help offered by the translation agencies. They let them offer services in varied languages according to customers’ need. This in turn helps them to attract and bring in more customers. The travel companies hire experts to translate the travel leaflets, brochures, important documents with relevant details, as well as terms and conditions in multiple languages. This way, they can deliver exceptional and satisfactory services to foreign customers. 


The law offices can also benefit a great deal from the expertise offered by the translation agencies. If you are working with a globally acclaimed client and want a better understanding of this proposal or other legal information in your native language, then a translation agency can come in handy. It further helps you with bringing accuracy in translation. It will help the legal businesses to fare well in the international markets.


Advertising is not limited to a particular region. All the popular advertisements get translated in various languages as per the area and local languages of people. And only a professional translation service can help you with this laborious and time-consuming task.

Medical and Healthcare

Different patients speaking different languages travel from one part of the world to another for better treatment. Thus, every hospital, clinic and healthcare service needs to translate their brochures, patient reports, etc. into other languages. Also, translations for clinical trial reports and medical devises are crucial for healthcare sector. Moreover, translations are inevitable for pharma products packaging such a leaflets and labels.


E-commerce platforms are mostly catering to global customers and have different product names, descriptions and reviews that needs translations. They need to update and translate them on regular basis to meet expectations of customers from different parts of the world. Thus, a professional translation service can help these companies with the translations. 


Games are programmed for global audience and are extremely popular among the masses. That is mainly because most of the games are translated in different languages across the world. Only an expert translation company can help you get high quality when translating the gaming details from one language to another. 

The Bottom Line

Regardless of the industry that your business belongs to, Vanan Translation, one of the finest translation companies in your region, can offer you translation services at affordable prices. So, if you are looking for qualified translators, they are here to serve you to the best of their abilities. Get in touch with their 24/7 multi-lingual customer care team. 

Globalization has changed the ways and means of the business industry. What once appeared to be unimaginable has now turned out to be a normal and common affair. With passing time and the evolving technology, businesses can now make international transactions and deal with increased convenience. While the distances may not have changed between countries and continents, evolved technology, improved means of transportation and communication along with business translation services has led to easier international trades. 

When it comes to global businesses, where an organization offers its services to more than one country around the globe, business document translation services come into play. In this blog, we have discussed how businesses that transact across several time zones and across different countries with different native languages, can make the most of business translation services. 

Business Document Translation Services: A Few Things To Consider

When it comes to making the best utilization of a certain kind of resource or service, one must be fully aware of its potential and all the associated facts about it. Business translation services are no exception to that. When an organization wants to make the most of these services they must be aware of the different options available to them and how they can make the best use of these services. For this, any organization that works globally or intends to expand its territories, needs to have the right information and knowledge about business translation services and how it can actually help.

Coming to the considerations about such translation services, here are a few questions to ask and a few things to be clear about when opting for such services. These points are important to consider before you choose a certain translation service provider. 

1. The type of documents you need to get translated

When choosing a translation service provider for your business, you must be clear about the kind of documents you will need to get translated for business purposes. Business licenses translation services must be careful done as there should be 100% accuracy.
With a clear idea about these things, you can easily get in touch with a skilled and experienced translation company that can offer accurate translations in the field you need, and for the types of documents you need for your business operations. They will also ensure that you get the right quality of business translation services. 

2. Countries you operate in and the languages the require translation

Another important point to consider when going for business document translation services is that the different countries you operate in or plan to expand to, and the languages you will need your documents to get translated into. Translation is not just the simple rewriting of a certain document into another language. There are a lot of details, research and nuances to take care of as well which can be dealt with only by experienced professionals.

Things to consider when translating a certain business document into a new language: 
  • Confidentiality and security of documents
  • Industry-specific technical terms
  • Local dialect 
  • Formatting and style of the target language
  • Legal system

The Kind of Professionals You Want To Work With

You need to be clear about the languages and the countries you are operating in to provide all the required information when you approach translation companies. The right company can ensure the highest standard of services based on your requirements. When it comes to business translation services, there are a variety of professionals who can offer you such services in the field of translation. The most common ones being: 

  • Translation companies or agencies
  • Freelance translators
  • Bilingual staff or in-house translation
  • Machine translators

It is a fact that opting for translation companies is the safest bet as they have the right resources and skills along with years of experience in the field to deliver the best services when it comes to any kind of business translation including documents and licenses. These agencies generally have experts for different languages and native speakers who can translate a document in the most accurate manner keeping its meaning and implications intact.

Why Do You Need Business Translation Services ?

We are living in a global economy. There is no one common language that is accepted as the universal language. Different countries have different official languages. Whether you run a multinational organization or looking to expand your territories, you surely need business document translation services. From supplying products and services to other countries to signing contracts with companies in other countries, business translation is a quintessential aspect of any international business involved in global operations. 

Going Global With The Right Business Translation Company ! 

Coming to the end, it must be said that along with all the things mentioned above, to make the most of business translation services, you need the services of a reputed, professional and experienced translation agency. While in-house translation and machine translation are options, they do not guarantee accuracy. 

Certified translation agencies have the right professionals and can ensure the highest quality and accuracy of translations. They have experience in the field of business document translation services and know the right conventions and details of a certain language in a particular country. Moreover, they have the right resources and can blend in the best industry practices and make use of native speakers to deliver the most accurate translations within a very reasonable turnaround time. 

Going global is the easiest with a reputed translation company that specializes in business translation services.