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100% Satisfaction Guaranteed !! or Get Your Money Back *


We price match quotes for you to experience the quality of our service *


USCIS Certified Translation Services

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Accredited & Approved USCIS Certified Translation Services

Vanan Translation, a premier agency in the United States, specializes in USCIS certified translation services, recognized for excellence by US immigration authorities. Our services, ideal for visa, citizenship, passport, and immigration processes, start at $0.10/word for document translation, $25/page for vital document translation, and $7.00/minute for audio translation. Our certified, experienced native professionals expertly manage a variety of USCIS requirements, providing tailored solutions. Contact us at 1-800-230-7918 for trusted USCIS certified translation services.

USCIS Certified Translation Services

When USCIS Translation Services Are Needed?

Translation Services for USCIS are demanded by individuals in multiple situations. The demand is so huge that USCIS approved translation services are one of the highly hired services of the nation. USCIS, the US immigration authority always demands the required documents to be submitted in their official language of work i.e.; English. Now, the use cases where the USCIS translation services are needed can be as follows:

1. USCIS is a US organization that handles approval and accreditation of all the immigration work. Anyone immigrating to the United States needs to hire this service for getting all of their official documents to be translated into the English language. These are must translation services for U.S. Immigration.

2. For any student applying in US universities, and doesn’t belong to the nation, he/ she has to submit all the academic documents along with other documents in English alone. If the documents are not available in English, then hiring USCIS certified translation services are vital for getting your documents translated for academic purposes.

3. A foreign land individual applying for US citizenship also needs to present their documents in the official language of the nation which is English. Our USCIS translation services are ideal for translating your documents.

4. All the financial documents, legal papers, and medical history documents, whenever required by any government official should be presented in the English language alone. USCIS certified translation services are the best services for translating the above mentioned and other important documents.

What Requires USCIS Document Translation Services?

It is important to know all the kinds of all documents that are to go through USCIS certified document translation services. One vital thing here that a person looking for translation service needs to understand is to know that certified translations services are different from USCIS certified translation services.

In certified translation, the document is translated and certified by the translation agency or the translator. But when it comes to USCIS certified translation, the documents are translated and all the protocols are followed as per the immigration agency’s guidelines. Then the translated document is certified by the translator or the agency.

Documents requiring USCIS document translation services include:

Birth certificate – Death certificate – Marriage certificate – Divorce certificate – Degree certificate – Diploma certificate – Office ID – Voter card – Driving license – Bank statements – Salary slip – Medical documents – Adoption papers – Property documents – passport – visa – affidavits and many others.


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Language Combinations Offered

Vanan Translation is known for offering USCIS certified translation services in more than 100 languages and multiple language combinations. As we already discussed that USCIS demands documents in the English language alone, the translation into English is available from a wide variety of languages. Some of the highly hired language combinations for USCIS translations are:

Spanish to English – French to English – Portuguese to English – Brazilian Portuguese to English – Arabic to English – Hindi to English – Chinese to English – Urdu to English – German to English – Dutch to English – Japanese to English – Korean to English – Thai to English and so on.

Certified Translation For Immigration Served Everywhere

Our certified translation services for immigration are served all around the United States. We cover all the major cities along with the nearby towns and all the metro areas. Our services are everywhere regardless of your geographical location. Some of the cities we cover include:

Austin – Boston – Washington DC – Denver – New York City – Chicago – Seattle – San Francisco – Los Angeles – Las Vegas – San Diego – Philadelphia – Houston – San Antonio – Portland – Richmond – Phoenix – Detroit – Dallas – San Jose – Indianapolis – Atlanta – Miami – Baltimore – Charlotte – Jacksonville – Madison – Kansas City – Albuquerque and many more.

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