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100% Satisfaction Guaranteed !! or Get Your Money Back *


We price match quotes for you to experience the quality of our service *


Clinical Trials Translation Services

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Quality Driven Clinical Trials Translation Services

Vanan Translation is a name trusted by several institutes belonging to the medical and research fields. The clinical trials translation services offered by our agency are highly accurate and comes with 99% accuracy and 100% quality. We aim at providing easy and definitive access to our customers through our translation projects. Our experienced professional translators will translate your clinical research files into Spanish, Ducth and all other languages based on customer requirements.

What is a Clinical Trial?

A clinical trial is a name given to researches, experiments, and observations done in the field of medical science and medicines. It Is basically a procedure where new experiments related to finding new methods of treatments, detection of some new kind of disease, researching medicines or vaccines for a particular medical condition, researching new inventions, or testing new medical cases are being conducted. It also includes the behavior of the research or experiment on the human body either as improvement or side effects.

Why Translation is Required?

Translation services for clinical trials are super valuable and important. One of the most important reasons for the same is to let the entire world know and understand the reason, procedure, and outcomes of the clinical trial.

Suppose a German medical expert is working on a clinical trial to find a medication that can treat cancer in an easier way but is not translating its clinical trial to other languages. Now how the scientists and other medical professionals, who are not German speakers, will understand the positives, negatives, and results of this clinical trial? Thus, hiring clinical trial translation services is a must.

✓ Affordable Prices
✓ Supports all file formats
✓ High Accuracy
✓ Fast Turnaround

Why Certified Translation is Important For Clinical Trials?

Most of the medical or research institutes prefer to hire certified clinical trial translation services because the correct and proper translation of the original content is super vital in these cases. Accuracy plays the most vital role here and is responsible for making or breaking an entirely new medical concept. High accuracy and high quality translated clinical trials and researches are only possible if you choose the right certified and secure clinical research translation services.

Why Certified Translation is Important For Clinical Trials?

  • ✓ Ethics Correspondence
  • ✓ Adverse Event Reports
  • ✓ Patient-Reported Outcomes
  • ✓ Clinical Outcomes Assessment
  • ✓ Patient Questionnaires
  • ✓ Patient Records
  • ✓ Patient Diary / Event Log
  • ✓ Informed Consent Forms
  • ✓ Investigator Brochures
  • ✓ Protocol Synopses
  • ✓ Study Protocol And more
What We Offer

Vanan Translation assists you and your medical institute and research center by overcoming all the language barriers to make your clinical trial reach every single individual on the earth and get benefitted from it. A few of our perks include:

1. NDA agreements to ensure security and confidentiality of clinical trials

2. Translation services in more than 100 languages

3. Certified and experienced translators for accurate results

4. Medical industry experts to enhance the accuracy of translated documents

5. Multilevel quality check procedure to deliver high-quality outputs

6. Affordable prices for clinical trials translation services

7. Quick delivery of urgent projects

You can connect with us anytime via our 24*7 customer support executives.

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