100% Satisfaction Guaranteed !! or Get Your Money Back *


We price match quotes for you to experience the quality of our service *


100% Satisfaction Guaranteed !! or Get Your Money Back *


We price match quotes for you to experience the quality of our service *


Accurate Patent Translation Services

"Get the most secure & affordable patent translations from our patent translation agency. Trust certified native translators to get accurate and on-time translations."

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Intellectual Property and Patent Translation Services By Experts

Are you looking for accurate patent translation services to protect your product or process from theft in domestic and international markets?

Find the best services by experts at Vanan Translation.

Choose us as your trusted translation partner for IP services and patent localization services for legal documents, Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) filing, in multiple languages worldwide.

Companies are expanding globally with new, innovative products and ideas to beat the tough competition. Protecting their intellectual property rights in every nation where they conduct business is extremely important. Registering technology patents and trademarks is, therefore, vital.

Patent Document To Be Translated.

Vanan Translation offers accurate patent translation and IP services to register your patent in countries where you conduct business. Enjoy our affordable translation services with prices starting from $0.10 per word for documents and audio translation at $7.00 per minute. To receive your complimentary quote, please call 1-800-230-7918.

Patent rights are limited to the country in which it is issued. Rights granted by the authority are not applicable in other countries. It would help to have patent and intellectual property translation to secure patent protection in foreign countries.

We at Vanan Translation, offer IP translation services in multiple languages to help you register your patents in countries worldwide.

Contact us for IP translation services today!

Multilingual Patent Translations - Highly Affordable

Our native translators experienced in patent document translation can do it with complete accuracy for you. Regardless whether they are utility models, US patents, EU patents, PCT patents, Japanese patents and Chinese patents, our expert translators provide you with accurate patent translation on time.

Patent documents have a unique style of writing. Only experienced translators with expertise in translating patents can do it correctly.

High quality patent translations require linguistic fluency and native translators to understand the subject matter the patent relates to. Your translation project is assigned to a translator with industry expertise in your field and is well-versed in the language pair of the patent document.

We translate patents into the appropriate patent format. Translated documents abide by the guidelines specified by the country in question. Acceptance by foreign authorities is guaranteed. Our expert linguists also translate patent drawings if needed.

Hire us for the best patent translation services! Our team is ready to serve you.

A professional translating patents.

Legal document translation services for use in the court in patent litigation cases are handled by translators having proficiency in legal terminology.

Our translators provide the most accurate translations for all European and Asian languages with guaranteed accuracy, customer satisfaction, and timely delivery.

Vanan Translation is the best translation agency that can handle multilingual translations. Some of them are listed below:

  • ✓ Vietnamese
  • ✓ Chinese
  • ✓ Japanese
  • ✓ Russian
  • ✓ French
  • ✓ Portuguese
  • ✓ German
  • ✓ Italian etc.

International Patent Filing and Translation Services

Besides translating international patent applications, we also provide PCT filing solutions. The PCT (Patent Cooperation Treaty) unifies the process of filing a patent in most EU and other nations across the globe. Although the filing process is simple, the patent must be translated into the native language of the country where you have applied.

Our patent translators are language experts and well-versed with the designated country's regulatory practices, applicable laws, and accepted practices.

Our patent translation team assists in the patent application process, thus, reducing the number of administrative tasks on your list. Send us the instructions of your patent. Our team will handle the rest.

We have partnered with local patent law firms in target nations to assist several clients in registering their patents under different jurisdictions across various states. We work directly with foreign agents to track the progress in the application process.

We ensure complete accuracy and reduce the chances of rejection. Our patent translation team manages the patent translation process seamlessly, so that you can work on more important matters. We follow all filing instructions accurately and ensure the proper delivery of essential documents.

A professional filing patent documents.

Highly Accurate Translation of Patents for All Needs

We provide affordable & expert intellectual property translation for different purposes, as required.

• Patents for Information: Patents for litigation or investigation of prior art are mostly translated for information only. It requires a literal translation of the original patents. The content, sequence, and style are maintained in the translated document.

• Patent for Filing: Translation is needed for patent filing in a foreign country. Such translations are assigned to native translators who are well-versed with the differences in regulations, statutes, and practices followed in the European Patent Office (EPO), US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), and the Japanese Patent Office (JPO).

• Selective Translation in Patents: Patent attorneys may not always need a complete translation of the patent document. They often require the translation of claims for a clear understanding of the case. Only the required content is translated.

It is cost effective and quick.

• Patent Gist Translation: You may require specific information from some patents or technical papers, not the entire patent document translation. Out patent translators with subject matter expertise can answer your specific questions by translating a paragraph containing the correct answer to the question. We provide the gist of the patent document in the language you need.

Filing a patent in every nation where you require IP protection for your innovation is essential. The translated patent application serves as the official record for the patent in that specific country. We translate them accurately using simple sentences, so they are easy to understand by the common man. High-end technical jargon is avoided.

Contact us for expert translation in a quick turnaround time with significant cost savings and complete accuracy.

Certified Patent Translation Services by the Professionals

In both information and filing translation, certified translation of patents may be required. Our expert translators can provide certified translations that are accepted by most authorities.

Vanan Translation offers translation services of patent documents, case study, patent literature, patents in life sciences, etc., at reasonable translation costs. Our translation memory helps us to reduce localization costs and turnaround time.

We are known among our clients for our accurate human-powered translations as against other translation companies providing machine translation for multilingual patents.

Contact us now for exceptional services today by experienced language translators!

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