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100% Satisfaction Guaranteed !! or Get Your Money Back *


We price match quotes for you to experience the quality of our service *


Chinese Translation Services

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Certified Chinese Translation Services by Native Speakers

Vanan Translation offers professional Chinese translation services at affordable prices. We begin our pricing at $0.10/word for document translation services, $25/page for translating vital documents, and audio files are translated at $7.00/minute. We have an experienced team of native translators that are fluent in both written and spoken forms of the Chinese language and all the dialects. This ensures that your translations will be as accurate as possible.

Translations are available in over 100 languages in all standard formats for documents, content, videos, audios, advertisements, and other media. As a leading Chinese translation firm, we guarantee our clients accuracy and punctuality in our work. To learn more about our translation services, contact us now!

A translator working on a Chinese translation project

Growing Need for Professional Chinese Document Translation Services

In terms of sheer numbers, Chinese is the world's most spoken language, with 935 million native speakers worldwide. It is the official language of China, Singapore, Brunei, Taiwan, Singapore, and the Wa State part of Myanmar.

When a business or an organization looks forward to expanding beyond its borders and into other countries, especially into those that have a different official language, such as Chinese, it becomes important that the services and products that the organization wants to offer and promote to the natives of that region are presented to them in their local language. This allows for the business to expand more rapidly, as the locals are able to readily accept products and services which are presented and promoted to them in their native language.

Chinese is also a recognized minority language in the United States, the Philippines, and Malaysia. Chinese translation is critical for making different content understandable to a wide variety of people. The material produced in a particular language or by a specific country is no longer limited to its local speakers. All of this makes it important to have a professional translation service that can effectively translate different kinds of content so that it can be accessed even by non-native speakers.

Why Choose Our Chinese to English Translation Services?

  • ✓ 24/7 customer support
  • ✓ Blazing-fast delivery
  • ✓ Super rush delivery available at an additional fee
  • ✓ Proofreaders ensure 99% accuracy
  • ✓ ISO-Certified translation firm
  • ✓ ATA-Certified translators
  • ✓ 100% human translation
  • ✓ Highly experienced and native translators
  • ✓ Attractive offers on bulk orders
  • ✓ Affordable pricing
  • ✓ More than 100 languages supported
  • ✓ Guaranteed privacy through Non-Disclosure Agreements
  • ✓ Highly positive reviews from an extremely loyal customer base

Certified English to Chinese Translation Services: Content That We Translate

We translate a wide range of content from Chinese to over 100 languages and vice versa. The list of most requested types of content includes the following:

  • ✓ Documents
  • ✓ Music
  • ✓ Lectures
  • ✓ Seminars
  • ✓ Webinars
  • ✓ Academic Resources
  • ✓ Instruction Manuals and Guidebooks
  • ✓ Games
  • ✓ Podcasts
  • ✓ Books
  • ✓ Legal documents
  • ✓ Certificates
  • ✓ Movies
  • ✓ Marketing content

Professional Chinese Translation Services That We Offer:

We offer a plethora of different types of Chinese translation services at affordable rates with no compromise on quality and standards. Different services that we have on offer are listed below:

  • ✓ Certified Chinese translation services
  • ✓ Chinese document translation services
  • ✓ Chinese website translation services
  • ✓ Chinese legal translation services
  • ✓ Chinese business translation services
  • ✓ Chinese academic translation services
  • ✓ Traditional Chinese translation services

Expert Chinese Business Translation Services

China is the most populated country in the world. About 1.3 billion people reside in mainland China alone. Now, for a business looking to expand its operations and sell its products and services in countries like China with a different official language and such a large potential consumer base, it is required that the businesses employ trade and marketing strategies such as promoting their products and services in the native language of the target audience. This helps the business to more effectively engage with their consumer base even in a different country and helps the consumers readily accept the product as it is in their native language, which helps them make an informed decision.

A lot of times, it happens with languages that are difficult to translate as they have multiple written and spoken forms, such as Chinese, and upon direct translation, the translated content may not retain its meaning. This can sometimes lead to big blunders, especially when something is being marketed or promoted.

Vanan Translation takes care of such problems by employing expert translators who also take care of localization while translating content and make sure that the content does not lose its meaning and the message goes through seamlessly.

Accurate Chinese Legal Translation Services

Chinese Legal Document Translation Services

It is extremely difficult to translate Chinese legal documents into English. Translation services English to Chinese or any other language pair is an already complicated process. Legal terminologies only add to the difficulty. It necessitates a deep comprehension of legal principles as well as extensive knowledge of the language. Legal words are quite complicated, and equivalences between languages are not always available. To assist you in translating your legal papers and obtaining a high-quality result at the lowest possible cost, our translation business provides you with the services of our experienced translators, who are specialists in Chinese legal translation.

Do you require recognized legal document translations from Chinese to another language or vice versa for court cases? Are you looking for a firm that can assist you in accurately presenting the necessary data and legal terminologies? Why not give our translation services a go right now? Our trained translators are masters in all legal terms.

Get a FREE quote from our team now for Chinese language translation services!

Unlocking the Potential of Chinese Language in the United States

The Chinese language, with its deep historical roots and growing presence, has become a significant part of the United States' linguistic landscape. Recent data reveals there are over 3 million Chinese speakers in the U.S. as of the latest report, accounting for about 1% of the total population. This demographic is diverse, comprising approximately 52% females and 48% males, with a considerable portion being young adults aged 18-34. Key years in the history of Chinese in America include 1849, marking the beginning of significant Chinese immigration during the Gold Rush, and 1965, when changes in immigration laws led to a new wave of Chinese immigrants. In 2019, a milestone was reached when Mandarin became the most taught language in U.S. schools, other than English and Spanish. Industries such as technology, healthcare, and education, where clear communication is vital, can substantially benefit from Chinese translation services.

The importance of Chinese translation services in the United States cannot be overstated. As globalization intensifies, the need for effective communication across languages becomes critical. Chinese translation services are essential for businesses aiming to tap into the lucrative Chinese market, whether it's for negotiating contracts, understanding legal requirements, or marketing products. In personal contexts, these services play a crucial role in helping Chinese-speaking immigrants navigate everyday life, from legal documentation to healthcare. Professional Chinese translation ensures accuracy and cultural sensitivity, bridging language barriers and fostering mutual understanding. In an increasingly interconnected world, the demand for skilled Chinese translators is more significant than ever, highlighting the necessity of these services for both professional growth and personal empowerment.

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