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100% Satisfaction Guaranteed !! or Get Your Money Back *


We price match quotes for you to experience the quality of our service *


Tax Return Translation Services-Secure & Affordable

"Work with certified native translators and receive accurate tax return translation in over 100 languages- quick, budget-friendly & on time."

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Accurate and Certified Tax Return Translation Services

Tax returns are not the same for every business, every industry or every individual. Similarly, the reasons for hiring a translation company for tax returns are not the same. Regardless of your reason of need, Vanan Translation offers accurate, affordable and certified tax return translation services. We are the best provider of tax return translation services because we offer translation to tax related audio files as well. We are so sure for being highly accurate thanks to our 100% human generated translated content.

It is an important and critical document which needs to be taken care of with 100% safety and we are expert in dealing with these documents maintaining security of content as well as confidentiality. We also offer NDA agreements to ensure the security of the customer data. Income tax return translation services are super vital for the businesses that have plans to move their business to foreign lands.

When To Hire A Foreign Tax Return Translation Service

A few of the most common cases that require income tax translation services are:

1. When you are applying for foreign immigration, you need to present all your documents to the government authorized agency of the country in their native language. This list of documents also includes your tax documents when moving for job purposes or applied in a foreign college. For immigrating to the United States, USCIS demands all the documents to be submitted in the English language alone.

2. Another reason is when you have plans to take some financial help like loans and wish to invest in a new project or to expand your existing business in new countries. For either of the two, it is a must that you have to submit your income details along with the tax submission proof. This can be done with a tax statement, but the language constraint will be there. You will be asked to translate all the tax return documents into the native language of the country and thus, hiring an authorized and professional translation company like Vanan Translation is important.

3. Similarly, the individuals immigrating to new countries for work purposes need to hire a tax statement translation service to translate their tax related documents into the native language of the immigrating country.

4. Most of the international businesses own properties or resources in foreign countries or make investments overseas. For all such businesses, it is compulsory to file income tax returns. Also, foreign return tax translation service is needed to be hired for buying property in other nations as the business or the individual can be asked to submit these documents.

5. The demand for foreign tax return translation is needed for the academic reasons as well along with the above mentioned scenarios. While applying for admissions in foreign universities with educational loans, not only all the academic documents needs to be translated but the loan papers and tax return documents also require translation in the native language of the country where the university is situated.

Tax Return Documents We Translate

Tax statement is a declaration of all kinds of annual income that you are able to make and your ability for taxation. Tax return is also related to the tax statement but it is an official form that is submitted after mentioning all the income details along with other personal wealth information. This form also contains the total amount that one has to pay to the government of their nation, depending upon the tax slabs decided by the government. These financial documents contain legal information and crucial data. Some of the tax return documents include:

✓ Nonresident Alien Tax Return
✓ W-2 Translation
✓ Salary Slip
✓ Tax Statements
✓ Tax Return
✓ Tax Related Forms

The list of tax related documents that need translation services is huge. Be it news releases on tax law changes to files for health coverage tax credits, be it e-filing of identity filing service to wage and tax statements, everything comes under financial documents that require accurate translation services.

Some other important documents that can we translated are listed below :

Certified Joint Federal and State Tax Return - Corporate Income Tax Return - Disaster relief files – E-filing of paper tax returns – File for economic impact payments – Form 1099 – Form 1040 – Decedent return forms – Regulation disclosure statement – disclosure statement – Gains and Losses from section 1256 – Contracts & Straddles 5884 – Work opportunity credit files – Insurance contracts under 1099 – Files for social security and medicare tax on unreported tip income – U.S. individual income tax transmittal for an IRS e-file return – Work opportunity credit – Mail-filings for tax correspondence – Accessibility forms & publications, etc.

✓ Affordable Prices
✓ Supports all file formats
✓ Fast Turnaround
✓ High Accuracy

Tax Return Translation Services In Multiple Languages

We offer a wide net of languages for our tax return translation services. A few of the major languages that we support include: Spanish, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, French, Italian, German, Tagalog, Arabic, Hindi, Russian, Norwegian, Swiss, Mexican, Puerto Rican, Vietnamese, Portuguese, Polish and more.

Some of the language combinations that you can opt for as per your requirements are: English to Spanish, English to Chinese, English to French, English to German, English to Russian, English to Portuguese, English to Japanese, English to Arabic, English to Italian and vice versa.

Why Vanan Translation For Tax Statement Translation Services?

One of the most important reasons why customers prefer an accredited translation agency is because of its native translators who deliver any kind of online tax return translation on the same day for all your urgent requirements. We are one of them with our rush and super rush translation services and quick deliveries.

We include translators who work online on quality documents tirelessly day in and day out. We mainly provide 24 hour translators who work on various industries such as Academic, Legal, Medical, Marketing, IT, Business, Finance and so on. According to the document and the importance level, rush and super rush services can also be obtained.

Tax return is something that every industry has to pay. All the businesses need to handle tax statement documents and also require translating them every then and now when it has plans for business expansion. The tax documents need not to be translated only while making your business international, but are also needed in many more situations. Different cases will have different translation requirements and different formats as well and we at Vanan Translation have certified translators with years of experience who can offer customized results as per your needs.

Our tax statement services are low cost and super cheap in comparison to other translation agencies.

International Tax Return Translation Services

The tax documents translation services offered by Vanan Translation works regardless of your geographical location. We serve major countries like the United States, Australia, the United Kingdom and Canada. We provide services in the following areas and even more:

✓ Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
✓ Houston, Texas
✓ New York, NY
✓ Dallas, Texas
✓ Los Angeles, California
✓ Chicago, Illinois
✓ Phoenix, Arizona
✓ San Diego, California
✓ San Antonio, Texass
✓ San Francisco, California
✓ Columbus, Ohio
✓ San Jose, California
✓ Indianapolis, Indiana
✓ Jacksonville, Florida
✓ Charlotte, North Carolina
✓ Fort Worth, Texas
✓ Austin, Texas
✓ Washington, Columbia
✓ Seattle, Washington
✓ Denver, Colorado

Vanan Translation also covers entire of the country of Canada as well with our tax statement translation services. A few of the major cities we serve include:

Toronto – Montreal – Calgary – Ottawa – Edmonton – Mississauga – North York – Winnipeg – Scarborough – Vancouver – Quebec – Hamilton – Brampton – Surrey – Laval and more.

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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Houston, Texas

New York, NY

Dallas, Texas

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Los Angeles, California

Chicago, Illinois

Phoenix, Arizona

San Diego, California

San Antonio, Texass

San Francisco, California

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