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No. of Pages Offer Price
30 to 49 pages
30% $17.5
20 to 29 pages
20% $20
10 to 19 pages
10% $22.5
Up to 9 pages
Flat rate $25
50+ Pages
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No. of Pages Turnaround Time
1-2 page
1 business day
3 to 4 page
2 business days
5 to 7
3 business days
8 to 10
4 business days
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* These details may vary for a few languages * For document translation 1 page means 250 words or less

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Cart Translation

Cart translation is an exclusive form of translation service that is done especially for the differently abled people. It stands for Communication Access Real-time Translation. It is also called as open captioning which converts real time speech into text for people to understand instantaneously.

This Cart translation is done by Cart trained professionals who are able to deliver instant results.

Cart Translation Services

What is Cart Translation?

Cart Translation Services is one of the unique services provided by Vanan translation services. This type of translation is catching up pace with the companies and other clients who call for instant translation results. A Cart translator converts the analogue form of speech into digital text in no time for effective usage of information. Due to its faster and accurate results, many people prefer this type at Vanan Translation Services.


Online Cart Translation:

We also provide online Cart Translation services to our clients to make the process easier. Cart translation requires efficient and well equipped translators to provide accurate and instant results. Since we are a big name in the transcription and translation industry, we have huge potential and resources to provide the finest translation results than our competitors.

We also work on a packed schedule that enables us to deliver the work with minimal turnaround time.

The Cart Translation rates which we charge for this process is also very nominal compared to other translation service providers.

Since this process is instantaneous, our company takes great effort to deliver professional Cart Translation services.

All these attributes of our company makes us a trustworthy Cart translation services agency in the industry. So, when it comes to Cart Translation, we are always ready to put pioneering effort to produce the best.

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