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Translation Services For Families

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Most Affordable, Secure & Fast Translation Services For Families

The trend and the need for translation services for families started a long time back when the American authority USCIS decided to accept all the documents from immigrants in the English language only. The families shifted from other countries or the people native to some other nation and now settled in the United States are so much in numbers that a translation service specially dedicated to them was started. Such translation services for families whose language is other than English and thus, their documents, needed either for a green card, citizenship, passport, visa, and other such purposes, are present in a language other than English.

Translation Services For Families

As per studies, it is shown that around 75% of the foreign-born population of the US between the age group of 18 to 64 have limited English proficiency. 15% of the population above 64 and approximately 10% of people below 18 are also not fluent in the English language. These numbers are huge and this can be proved by looking at the diversity index scale, where the United States has a high score of 91, which defines that the country has immigrants from the maximum of the nations in the world. But, another important fact here, that makes the United States of America the country with the highest Spanish speakers is that 26% of all the immigrants, or 1 out of every 4 immigrants comes from the country of Mexico.

As per the United Nations, a greater number of immigrants are living in the US than in any other country in this world. The estimate of immigrants is nearly 50 million by now. In fact, 1 in every 5 international immigrants lives in America, which is 19% of the total immigration that took place to date in the entire world. The percentage of the number of immigrants in the United States is continuously increasing and all this is making translation services for families a vital thing these days.

Now, it is not easy for people to find the best company for this kind of translation. The document list is long and can change a bit as per the reason for translation. Only a professional agency like Vanan Translation can understand your requirements from their translation services for families and can match up to your expectations securely, quickly, and within your budget.

We are popular for our translation services because we keep customer content with safety, without any third party involvement, support super rush turnaround time, for being highly accurate and all this comes at an extremely affordable price. Our company has ATA certified and experienced translators to perform translation of documents for families.

Accurate Translation Services For Families And Sign Language Interpretation

Vanan Translation is an ISO certified translation service provider offering its services to families all around the United States. Our services are highly accurate which is the most basic need of any of our clients when it comes to translating the documents for families.

In most cases, these translated documents are used in government agencies, official work, in updating your government records, medical claims, medical emergencies, and in other such scenarios. All of the above mentioned are situations, where any flaw or error in the translated document can affect the entire process of work.

The one and the only most important demand of a client in the case of translating the documents for families is to have highly accurate and quality outputs. This is not easy to achieve for all the translators and requires a lot of effort and experience. Only certified translators are hired for such kind of document translation. At Vanan Translation, we have a team of certified translators to work on your translation projects for families and thus offers only the best and highly accurate results.

A certified translation means where a certificate is given along with the translated files to ensure the completeness and accuracy of the translated document. It is not given by the general translators in the case of normal translations. It is only provided by the certified translators and contains information about the file being translated, contact information about the translator, and a line stating that the translation is complete and accurate.

We feel proud that we are not only clearing the language barrier and solving language issues for the general audience, but we also take care of the deaf and hard of hearing population by giving voice to them in form of sign language interpretation. Our experts are experienced in performing such projects and are always ready to assist our clients.

Common Situations Demanding Translation Services For Families Who Don't Speak English

The number of families not familiar with the English language or the ones not speaking English at home is huge. Hence, the need for translation services for families whose home language is not English is quite high. There are a lot of situations where these services are important. Some of these cases can be as given below:

✓ A very common situation demanding translation services for families is for U.S Citizenship & Immigration Services (USCIS). It is a government organization that is responsible for dealing with all the citizenship, green card, and immigration matters. As we already know, the United States is among the top countries where a huge population have migrated to or are foreign-born. The maximum of them is from Mexico or other parts of Latin America and China or other South Asian countries. This has increased the demand for translation services for USCIS purposes. The document translation requirement for USCIS may be needed for various services like a certificate of citizenship, visa, green card, and other related processes.

✓ The next common situation that requires such translation services is for legal records and cases. If a family needs to update their government records or official records, then it is compulsory to for them get all of their documents translated into the English language. Also, the documents that are translate via certified translators and comes with a certificate of translation are preferred and easily acceptable. In scenarios where any legal cases are taking place, you will be required to present all your documents in the official language of work in the country. All the legal matters like visa-related problems or citizenship issues require certified translated documents to be submitted for resolving such legal matters.

✓ Another extremely common situation demanding these translation services is for academic purposes. One such example is when a child from an immigrated family wishes to go abroad for his/ her higher studies, all the related documents need to be translated to be presented to the government for a student visa and other necessary documents. Another example that can have the same requirements and will also demand translation services is when a family has shifted to the United States from a different nation and now, their children have to study locally. As, initially, the kids were studying in a foreign country and now they are going to study in the US, the need for translation of all the academic documents becomes a must.

✓ The next very common situation that would demand translation services for the family members is medical conditions. In case of any medical emergency, the translation of documents into the local language will be needed. In medical cases where a family member was taking treatment in a foreign land but after immigrating to the USA, the person decides to take treatment locally, now all the previous medical documents will be translated into the English language and thus requires translation services. The same requirement may arise if someone is taking medical treatment in the United States and then decided to go abroad for the same treatment.

There can be a lot more cases that would demand translation services, but the above-mentioned ones are the most common scenarios demanding these services.

List Of Documents We Translate For USCIS Purposes

The list of documents is super long that we are experts in translating for USCIS purposes. We are mentioned a few of the topmost demanding documents from this list. These include:

Birth Certificate, Death Certificate, Marriage Certificate, Divorce Certificate, Academic Certificate, Degree Certificate, Diploma Certificate, Medical Certificate, Fitness Certificate, Sports Certificate, Passport, Visa, Police Records, Official Identity Cards, Driving License, etc.

All the above mentioned and other documents requirements by USCIS or other government offices in the United States are fulfilled here with maximum accuracy and at cheap cost. The turnaround is also super less and thus Vanan Translation makes it an ideal choice for all your translation needs.

We have certified translators that have experience in dealing with USCIS translation projects. This gives an additional benefit to our customers because the translators are not only providing them the certificate along with the translation but are also performing the translation in the order USCIS demands for it. They understand the USCIS specific requirements and thus, keep them in mind while performing the translation. This also ensures that the translation has a 100% probability of being accepted by the USCIS.

The list of documents is not limited to the above-mentioned ones and is available for a wide range of other family documents as well. For medical cases, other than medical certificates, we also translate doctor prescriptions, lab test reports, medicine names, and descriptions, and other related documents. While on the other hand, people looking for a translation for academic reasons can also get their school transcripts, result certificates, school/ university fee structures, loan papers, etc., translated from Vanan Translation with the maximum accuracy and highest quality.

✓ Affordable Prices
✓ Supports all file formats
✓ Fast Turnaround
✓ High Accuracy

The Best Local Translation Services For Families

We are an ISO certified translation company that understands your immediate requirements and thus offers its quick services with the same day delivery option as well. Our services are not bounded to certain areas or cities alone. We are all over the United States with our accurate, quick, and cheap priced services. Be it certified translation or notarized translation, we are your best partners in every translation need regardless of your geographical location. You can search for us online like:

Translation services for families in Florida, Translation services for families in NJ, Translation services for families in Philadelphia, Translation services for families in Miami, or for any other location, you will always find us nearby and ready to assist you with our world class translation services.

Vanan Translation is not limited to offering its services in the United States alone, but we are an international translation brand assisting families to get their translation done at the cheapest rates and still get the best quality services.

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