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Translation Services For COVID-19

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Being Well-Equipped With The Translation Services For COVID-19

There are many advantages to working with professional translation service providers. When you are thinking of growing your international markets, you have to present yourself to a wide variety of clients for expanding your market needs. Nowadays, due to the Coronavirus pandemic, the entire world has been into serious trouble. Many countries have been swamped out because of this deadly virus that has changed our lives entirely. There are lockdowns, close down of businesses, drastic fall in the stock market, shortage in the daily needs, and most importantly social distancing. The entire world has been devastated by this pandemic. Since the pandemic has been a hot topic worldwide, there are corporate communication customers seeking help in translation services for COVID-19. They are hiring expert translation companies to share information about the virus to the public.

Translation Services For COVID-19

Vanan Translation is a translation agency that can provide you with all kinds of translation services for various countries. We are highly focused on helping industries like Media, Broadcast, Business, Government, Medical in providing necessary information to various organizations and to the public about the latest updates. Our native translators help you understand and translate documents in any language of your choice.

Media relations are one of the basic functions of corporate communication sections that play a vital role in distributing data to the general public, employees, and investors. Vanan Translation can help the media related to carrying out different operations for COVID-19 in various languages such as:

  • ✓ Comprehensive writing and distribution of news release.
  • ✓ Acknowledging media enquires.
  • ✓ Producing information and giving out.
  • ✓ Preparations for the executive to speak at news conferences.
Our Industry Reach

At Vanan Translation, you are assured to be delivered native translators who have great knowhow of how the industries work. They work on all kinds of COVID documents that need innate concentration. Some of the industries that need specific attention are Legal, Medical, Healthcare, Marketing, Advertising and so on.

There are various sub-industries under these mentioned industries such as:

  • ✓ Public Services announcements
  • ✓ Registered Local legal authorities
  • ✓ Non-profit industries and public sectors
  • ✓ Medical Devices and Hospital Supply industries
  • ✓ Biotechnology and Outpatient care centers
  • ✓ E-learning videos
  • ✓ Campaign metrics
  • ✓ Product pricing
  • ✓ Public Affairs
  • ✓ Media Planning
  • ✓ Mobile Marketing
  • Apart from these, there are many other sub-industries that might need COVID related translation services. Some advertising industries such as Content Marketing, Copywriting, Brochure and Booklet industries are to be very careful while they get their informative coronavirus content translated in the language of their choice.

Effective Documents We Translate

The most important service that we deliver to our clients is translating audios, documents, and videos. This comes in very handy during this pandemic. Since we are virtually available 24/7 and provide document services such as:

Legal: Pandemic Notice, Printable Fact sheets, Public Service Announcements.

Medical: Telehealth services, Novel coronavirus conference call briefing, Health advisories, Tele-visit by nursing homes, Safety guideline, Testing information, Pregnancy guidelines, Medical protocols, Drug Registration Documentation and so on.

Marketing: Precaution booklets, Brochures, Information poster, Education materials , COVID reserach documents.

Advertising: Resource guidelines, TV ads, Company presentations, Webinars, etc.

Others: Training videos, Claims and documents, Literary documents, Academic records, Safety guidelines, security and shut down announcements.

Why Should You Choose Us

At Vanan Translation, you can be assured that our services involve providing translation to more than just the basic industries.

1. We provide excessively and researched input translation for individuals looking to inform the public about the social needs of COVID-19

2. Our trained account managers also help in managing the company’s website and social media profiles for translating the latest information about the pandemic to the public. The public is always active on social media, and giving exact information in their native languages helps them to avoid the spread of the virus.

3. We deliver at a faster speed which helps us drastically in providing you document translation for various important documents.

4. Translation services for COVID-19 require us to be prevalent in various countries which we are. We operate in close to 40 states of the USA virtually.

5. Languages we offer are 100+ which means, whether you want your document in Hindi or Arabic, French, Spanish, Korean or Italian.

Languages We offer

Vanan Translation is a multilingual company that delivers in specific languages according to the client’s specifications. Native translators of Vanan Translation deliver language translation in English, Vietnamese, Japanese, Hindi, German, French, Polish, Portuguese, Italian, Afar, and Tigrinya and so on.

We also specialize in various dialects. In fact, we also deliver uncountable language pairs such as

✓ English to German
✓ German to French
✓ French to Italian
✓ Hindi to English
✓ Japanese to Vietnamese
✓ Italian to English
✓ Arabic to Polish and many more
Where Are We Located

All you have to do for acquiring translation services for COVID-19 is just finding our services in the following states. You can otherwise just visit our website to locate us all around the USA:

Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Los Angeles, Portland, Seattle, Washington London, Miami, San Francisco, San Antonio, San Diego, New York, Orlando, Philadelphia and more.

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