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No. of pages Offer Price
10 to 19 pages 10% Off $22.5/page
20 to 29 pages 20% Off $20/page
30 to 49 pages 30% Off $17.5/page
50+ pages
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Note : 1. Offers are calculated from the base price $25/page for major languages 2. One page is considered as 250 words or less 3. These rates may vary for a few languages

Specifications Rates & TAT
Translation Rate
Starting From $17.5/page
Audio Translation Rate
Starting From $4.19/min
Turnaround Time
24 hours onwards
Rush Turnaround Time
4 hours onwards
Normal TAT
  ✓ 1 to 2 Pages
  ✓ 3 to 5 Pages
  ✓ 6 to 10 Pages
Normal TAT for these languages: Arabic, French, German, Italian, Chinese(Mandarin), Chinese(Simplified), Japanese, Spanish, Portuguese.

  ✓ 24 - 48 Hours
  ✓ 3 Business days
  ✓ 6 to 7 Business days

Note : Rates may vary for rare languages.

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Simultaneous Interpretation

Vanan Translation offers simultaneous interpretation services which require more skill and talent. Simultaneous interpretation is mainly done during an emergency situation when the content being spoken needs to be interpreted and delivered soon after the speech is over.

Simultaneous Interpretation Services

Simultaneous interpretation is also done to save time and this is of core importance for organizations and corporates that deals with international business and has frequent interactions regarding businesses. The fact emphasizes the need for professional simultaneous interpretation which needs to be done with highest accuracy and quality as there will be no chance or enough time to check for quality or proof read the content.

Vanan Translation understanding the importance of simultaneous interpretation services takes the effort in offering the best quality and fastest interpretation services to our clients. Our simultaneous interpreters are Knowledgeable, Resourceful, have the Intuition, well-educated, have good manners and they are cultured.

We are well-equipped and make use of all latest technologies such as Infrared and/or Radio Frequency interpretation equipment. We can do real time interpretation simultaneously in 32 languages. We further have portable sound proof booths to listen the words spoken accurately. We are also equipped with multi-microphone discussion tools and the name handling systems to bring 100% accuracy in interpretation services.

In addition to offer simultaneous interpretation and consecutive interpretation.

We offer all types of interpretation services such as:

  • ✓ Video interpretation
  • ✓ Whisper interpretation
  • ✓ Escort interpretation
  • ✓ Remote interpretation
  • ✓ Conferences interpretation


As leading simultaneous interpretation providers, we offer interpretation in over 200 languages which include:


How to become a simultaneous interpreter?

If you are an experienced or a certified translator with good knowledge in the field, then Vanan Translation offers are simultaneous interpreter job opportunities for the deserving candidates.

What is the simultaneous interpreter salary offered by Vanan Translation?

Undoubtedly our simultaneous interpreter salary is best in the industry. We always try to make our interpreters feel satisfied with best pay for the job they do.

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